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My love of photography started over 10 years ago when I was planning my wedding. That’s when I realized the impact a good photographer could have on a special moment in my life. After my first child Alexander was born, I decided to pick up a camera and learn to capture the moments I wanted – whenever I wanted.

My journey has been slow and steady since then. The birth of my daughter Madeline meant a brand new subject to capture. I realized how much I loved putting my touch on each image, and I found myself seeing the world as though I were looking through a lens. I became aware of how important beautiful pictures of my family really are, and began photographing close friends and family so they could have that same experience. I also practiced ruthlessly on them!

My kids are my biggest inspiration, even if they’re the most difficult subjects ever! They’ve taught me to have endless patience, and to be flexible and just let the magic moments happen

My goal is to be able to capture beautiful images that are a real reflection of you, your child, or your family and – most importantly – your personality.  I truly enjoy meeting new customers and hope you leave a session with a smile on your face and possibly even a new friend!  Please feel free to email or call me to learn more or get started!