Newborn Dominic | Northern NJ Newborn Photography

Little newborn Dominic!! This is the baby I had been waiting 9months for! I photographed my best friend through the stages of her pregnancy and *finally* got my hands on baby Dominic. We had a great session, even if Dominic was more interested in eating than anything I was trying to do with him. He wasn’t much interested in sleeping either, but I still managed to get a few shots. 🙂

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 01

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 02

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 03

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 04

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 05

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 06

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 07

easton-PA-northern-NJ-family-newborn-photographer 08

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